There will be detail text work of procedure of building the gadget and the text work of the trail of the gadget.


Vayusa Scale Model

Holding Vayusa scale model with perfect points to make it float in wind.

Wind force, try to pull away Vayusa model to get lift more.

Front view of Vayusa model while floating along with wind.

Vayusa model performs very well with wind and stable while floating in air.

Vayusa Full Scale Trial


Fixing the joints and Cables in its position.

Checking up the Vayusa before next action.

Preparing to pull the Vayusa for towing with the tied rope and strap..

Vayusa was lifted with the team members to get the glance of it’s in the air, Vayusa was lifted due to there was no enough force of wind to take it up in the air for lift.

Vayusa was slipped from right end and damage with two joints.

Broken joints.

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